October 6, 2015

Install OpenOffice to Take Advantage of Executive Editing

OpenOffice is an open-source office software suite created as an alternative to Microsoft Office. OpenOffice is a collaborative effort written by developers around the world and is free of charge. It can be used on any operating system and provides a free alternative to our clients that do not have Microsoft Word® and Microsoft Excel®. You can use the Record Changes feature to implement changes and suggestions by your Papercheck editor.

Unlike Microsoft Works, which does not support Track Changes, OpenOffice does provide extensive support for Track Changes. OpenOffice refers to Track Changes as Record Changes.

The new version of OpenOffice, can open documents in many popular formats including Microsoft Word® (.doc and .docx), .pdf, and the native file format OpenOffice (.odt). You can easily convert between the file formats. You must follow two simple steps to install OpenOffice, installing the program and installing the odf-converter-integrator. The second step provides enhanced control of Microsoft’s new .docx format. Although OpenOffice supports the .docx version, you will have to install the integrator, which allows you to use advanced features of the Track Changes features of Microsoft Word.

When you submit your document for editing in .odt, our editing staff will return it to you in .odt format. Once you have accepted the changes in OpenOffice, you can convert the document to either .doc or .docx. The file can then be read by your target audience, whether it is a colleague or college professor.

*Tip: Changes recorded in your edited document may be either accepted or rejected. Please carefully review all changes before accepting all changes. It is important to understand each change made so that you can learn from your English error.