October 15, 2015

Web Developer Opportunities


  1. Optimize Existing VBscript/jQuery/JavaScript
    • When implementing new code, optimize existing procedural code
    • Create new include/partial files to modularize existing code
  2. Work with existing developers/customer support staff/customers
    • Resolve existing bugs written by other developers
    • Implement new code and exciting ideas

Required Experience:

  1. Microsoft SQL 2005/2008
  2. Microsoft Windows 2003/2008
  3. IIS 6.0/7.0
  4. Git–Distributed Revision Control
  5. jQuery
    • DOM manipulation
    • Simple AJAX
  6. jQuery UI
  7. website Optimization Techniques
    • Yahoo YSlow optimization
    • Google Page Speed optimization
  8. PayPal–PayFlow Pro Integration
    • PCI Compliance and best practices
    • PayFlow Pro reference transaction work-flow
    • PayFlow Pro Express Checkout integration
    • Progressive enhancement techniques
    • A solid understanding of IE capabilities/limitations
    • Utilize CSS to replace existing JavaScript/jQuery
    • W3C compliance and best practices
  10. VBScript best practices
    • TDD/BDD using Selenium
  11. Pivotal Tracker experience

About Us:

Papercheck is a fast-growing online editing services company. Located in downtown San Francisco, in the heart of SoMa and two blocks from Civic Center station, we provide editing services to hundreds of clients on a daily basis. Papercheck has been in business since 2001 and has been profitable since our inception. We have rapidly expanded our online presence, and we now have the need for a web developer to maintain and improve our system.


  • Competitive salary (D.O.E.)
  • Relaxed, start-up environment
  • Opportunities for growth and development—Including new langauges (Ruby on Rails)
  • Medical benefits
  • Easily accessible downtown location (Near BART, MUNI)

To apply for the position, please send a short cover letter in the body of an email with your resume and 3 references attached as Word documents.