June 19, 2015

Document Storage For Life — PaperTomb

Document Storage

PaperTomb is a document storage solution exclusively for Papercheck clients. Enabling the PaperTomb option allows clients to store their documents for life on Papercheck’s servers. Documents are moved to a secure storage server. PaperTomb is the perfect option for clients who do not own computers, travel frequently, or want the added protection of backup or disaster recovery.

Documents that have not had the PaperTomb option enabled will be destroyed after 30 days. Papercheck does this to protect the privacy of clients. The PaperTomb storage service is accessible only by Papercheck clients who subscribe to this feature.

Secure Document Storage

Documents stored in PaperTomb can be accessed by a client at any time by going to the My History tab of the Papercheck account and by clicking on the document identification number to download it. The PaperTomb service is available for $1.99 per document and can be enabled for any Papercheck document. Those Papercheck clients who have been designated Premier, Professional, or Enterprise are eligible for the PaperTomb storage service at no additional charge.

Secure Storage
Indefinite Storage