June 22, 2015

SMS Notification

SMS notification is essential for real-time downloading of documents. Clients with tight deadlines can be notified immediately when a document has been edited. An SMS notification is sent at the time an editor returns a proofread document. It is the perfect solution for business clients who are out of the office and have restricted access to email.

SMS notification is perfect for corporate clients that have multiple users who share one form of payment. Finance departments are released from the burden of emailing and notifying coworkers of edited documents. SMS notification facilitates the separation of the account holder and the account submitter.

SMS notification is ideal for academic clients. Students can be notified 24/7 when a document has been proofread. Submitting documents to Papercheck with SMS notification enabled gives students peace of mind. No longer do students have to constantly check their email accounts, as notifications are sent via text.

SMS notification is only $1.00 per document submission. Clients can store a preferred mobile number in the account profile or can conveniently add a mobile phone number at the time of submission. SMS notification is not required; clients may restrict this service to time-sensitive documents requiring proofreading and editing.

SMS Notification
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