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September 11, 2015

Proofreading and Editing Testimonials

Papercheck works hard to keep clients happy and satisfied. We receive thousands of documents each month, and client feedback is our best indicator of how valuable our proofreading services are to clients. Papercheck wants to be your editing service provider for all of your written documents, and we use your feedback to improve your experience. Take a moment to read our client testimonials for 2019. If you would like to submit feedback to our editing staff, please use our feedback form.

View Testimonials From Previous Years:

January 28, 2019
Fast, with good suggestions.
– Glen
January 25, 2019
Quick and quality review! Very helpful!
– Dmitri
January 25, 2019
Very speedy and thorough work – exactly what we needed. Thank you.
– Christina
January 22, 2019
Excellent, thanks.
– Mayra
January 21, 2019
Thank you very much for your work.
– Khaled
January 19, 2019
Thank you for your comments and editing.
– Khaled
January 18, 2019
Thank you for this valuable review. The reviewer carefully proofread the document. I used to send my papers to another service, but from now on, I'm a Papercheck client.
– Fernando
January 18, 2019
Many thanks for the language check. I am very happy with the result and the speed of the service. Thank you!
– Nina
January 16, 2019
Thank you for your good work!
– Raigedas
January 15, 2019
Great job! Thank you!
– Dai
January 14, 2019
Amazing. Thank you so much!
– Shaoyang
January 13, 2019
I appreciate the professional editing and fast response. Thank you!
– Young
January 11, 2019
Very satisfied.
– Robert
January 09, 2019
Very good and clear.
– Robert
January 08, 2019
Thank you for your quick and good editing. I appreciate it!
– Hyunkuk
January 08, 2019
This was more than I expected! I am happy that I found this website before submitting. My editor, is the best. I hope that I can have her/him for my next request. (The sentence that you asked to verify is accurate, but I have a minor question that I would like to ask. How can I do that? Is there an additional charge?) Overall, this was very helpful and nice. Thank you.
– Hyunkuk
January 08, 2019
Thank you for your excellent work!
– Raigedas
January 06, 2019
The corrections are very helpful! Thank you very much!
– Achim
January 03, 2019
There is not much to say other than that the editor did a great job!
– Dai