October 6, 2015

How to Use Record Changes — OpenOffice 3.2.1

Step 1:
Click on the Edit tab in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Next, highlight Changes, and finally highlight Record. If there is a check mark next to Record, select Record to disable the Record changes feature. If you do not disable this feature, all text that you enter into the document will be recorded as edits. If there is no check mark next to Record, you will be able to alter the text appropriately.

Check and Disable Record Changes

Step 2:
Note that the check mark next to Record has been removed, indicating that the Record feature has been disabled.

Disable Record Changes

Step 3:
Within the Edit tab, highlight Changes and then Accept or Reject.

Accept or Reject Proposed Changes

Step 4:
You will see an Accept or Reject Changes window. You can begin to accept or reject your changes by highlighting the first correction as shown below.

Start at the First Correction

Step 5:
With the correction highlighted, click Accept to incorporate the change into the document. Your cursor will automatically move to the next correction.

Next Correction

Step 6:
To reject a correction, highlight the correction and select Reject. The original text will be saved, while the correction will be erased.

Replace the Original Text With the Editor's Correction

If you would like to accept all changes, click Accept All. All changes and corrections will then be incorporated into the document.