February 9, 2018

Free Online Word Count

Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, and other popular word processing software options provide an easy way to generate a word count. In Microsoft Word, for example, a user can calculate a word count by going to FileInfo and expanding the Properties option. Here, you can find often requested document statistics such as page count, document size, and total editing time. LibreOffice provides similar statistics, which can be found by clicking on FileProperties. Under the Statistics tab, you can find page count, table count, images, paragraph count, and character count.

Word count can also be added to the status bar of most word processors. You can add this feature to Microsoft Word’s status bar by right clicking on the status bar, which displays a pop-up labeled Customize Status Bar; from here, click on Word Count to display the number of words at the bottom left of the status bar.

Papercheck also provides a quick and easy way to make this calculation. Simply copy and paste your text into the form below to calculate the word and character count.

Word Count

Document Statistics:

  • If your text contains footnotes and works cited, they may not be captured in the clipboard buffer.
  • Your text will not be stored online or in a database.