October 16, 2015

Editor Biographies

Papercheck Editors have diverse backgrounds and extensive education that will ensure client documents are well written, grammatically correct, and in accordance with the client’s selected writing style. Editors must complete an extensive training prior to joining the editing team as an employee of Papercheck. Candidates must take a comprehensive editing assessment that tests their skills with grammar and English proficiency. Only a select few applicants become Papercheck editors. You can learn more about the Papercheck editing staff by clicking on their individual editor biographies below. Our customer support staff can match your document with your preferred editor when your chosen editor is available to edit your document.

Papercheck editors have a thorough understanding of many popular writing styles, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, CSE, Turabian, ASA, AMA, and AP. Take a quick peek at our editor biographies, and you will see our editors have a passion for the English language that began for many of them before they attended their respective universities. Hiring editors who pursue their dream on a daily basis means that our clients receive the highest-quality editing services available. Papercheck does not use independent contractors, which means our full-time employees are well compensated and happy to provide our clients with world-class editing.