October 8, 2015

Install the odf-converter-integrator for Windows XP

Step 1:
Verify whether your Windows XP system has the .Net2 framework installed. The simplest way to verify whether the framework is installed is to go to Run.

Verify your .Net framework

Step 2:
Once the CMD terminal is open, type Microsoft.Net.

CMD Microsoft.Net

Step 3:
Double click on the folder labeled Framework.

Double click the folder labeled Framework

Step 4:
Verify that your computer has version 2.0 or newer installed.

Verify .Net Framework is installed (2.0 or greater)

Step 5:
Download the odf-converter-integrator-0.2.1-installer.exe.

Download the odf-converter-integrator-0.2.1-installer.exe

Step 6:
Save the odf-converter-integrator-0.2.1-installer.exe to your desktop.

Save the odf-converter to your desktop

Step 7:
Double click the odf-converter-integrator-0.2.1-installer.exe located on the desktop.

Double click the odf-converter

Step 8:
Initiate the Wizard by clicking Run.

Initiate the wizard by clicking “Run”

Step 9:
Accept the terms of agreement.

Select a location to install the ODF-Converter-Integrator

Step 10:
Select a location to install the ODF-Converter-Integrator.

Select a location to install the ODF-Converter-Integrator

Step 11:
Installation of the converter is now complete.

Installation of the ODF-Converter-Integrator is now complete