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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (MARKET WIRE) — September 30, 2008 — It is that time of the year when university and college students hand in essays and the initial ideas or introductions to larger research projects and term papers. Papercheck has provided high-impact essay editing to thousands of clients in the United States and around the globe, including South Korea, Hong Kong, India, Sweden, Ireland, and Canada. Papercheck proofreading service corrects more than grammatical and mechanical errors. Papercheck editors provide pertinent and supportive feedback in terms of essay flow, structure, and formatting; they edit documents according to the formatting style requested by clients, including American Psychological Association (APA), American Sociological Association (ASA), American Medical Association (AMA), Modern Language Association (MLA), Chicago Style, Council of Science Editors (CSE), and Associated Press (AP).

Papercheck recommends five steps before customers submit papers for essay editing so that they may obtain maximum benefits from the proofreading service.

  1. Establish a reasonable time line for completing your project; start early.
  2. Understand the topic; visit your professor during office hours to clarify any questions you may have.
  3. Create an informal outline using bullet points.
    1. Reference exact quotes with page numbers; this will save time when you write your bibliography.
  4. Follow the time table noted in Step 1 and try to complete each section early.
    1. Utilize the expertise of your professor and teaching assistants; they will let you know if you are meeting their criteria.
  5. Take a day off from your essay. A day away can give you a new perspective.

It is essential to allow enough time to incorporate the grammatical, formatting, and structural changes that Papercheck editors suggest. Permitting three to four days will not only save money on essay editing fees, but it will afford enough time to take advantage of the Second Look service. The Second Look service provides clients with the opportunity to incorporate new material into their essay after the editor has made changes. Editor suggestions and feedback inspire students to expand their ideas and clarify thesis statements. Second Look documents are edited in 24 hours at the 72-hour essay editing rate.

Papercheck, LLC is a San Francisco-based company that offers essay editing and proofreading services. Established in 2001, Papercheck, LLC is provides students instant access to editors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Source: Papercheck, LLC

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