June 17, 2015

Proofreading — Beyond a Grammar Check

Papercheck provides much more than a simple grammar check. We know that our job also involves methodically reading each document to determine whether the thesis statement is clear and concise, whether the body of the document addresses the issue or problem that has been presented, and whether the conclusion logically flows from the information that appears in the body of the document. Our thorough proofreading surpasses a mere grammar check and improves the quality and coherence of the document.

A well-written document must adhere to the rules of English usage, and it must clearly communicate its thesis. Papercheck editors perform the following tasks:

  1. Carefully read the thesis statement to make sure that the body of the document flows from that statement and that the paper ends in a logical conclusion.
  2. Perform a thorough grammar check.
  3. Check for punctuation errors.
  4. Examine the choice of vocabulary and make changes or suggestions.
  5. Carefully spell check.
  6. Perform a style check, including in-text citations and ending reference lists.
  7. Examine the paper to ensure that the sentences and paragraphs flow smoothly and have appropriate transitions.

Besides grammar checking and the other mechanical corrections listed above, our editors also concentrate on style and flow. If a sentence or a paragraph is correctly written but does not flow smoothly from what preceded it, we will make suggestions that will improve the flow, or we will edit the sentences and paragraphs. We will, on occasion, make suggestions about how to improve the arrangement of the paper so that it is more eye-appealing. If we identify factual errors, we will make a note and suggest how you can fix them.

Our editors are skilled in various citation styles, including MLA, APA, ASA, AMA, Chicago, CSE, Turabian, and AP. In-text citations and end-of-paper reference lists are checked and corrected. Each document that is submitted to Papercheck is meticulously read and edited.