Tritonic Increases Creative Productivity and Lowers Overall Expenses by Outsourcing Editing Requirements to Papercheck

San Francisco — (PRNewswire) — November 17, 2009 — Tritonic™ has increased the overall quality of its creative work by outsourcing its proofreading needs to Papercheck. Tritonic™ has utilized Papercheck’s high-quality editing services since September of 2007, allowing its talented graphic designers to focus on creativity and design. The firm has taken advantage of Papercheck’s 24/7 editing services while reducing overall proofreading expenses.

Tritonic™ does more than simple designs and logos; it evokes emotion and creates designs that are inspirational, challenging, and fresh. To maintain this high degree of design, creativity, and marketing, the company must collaborate across the entire organization. Each team member must maximize his or her time to produce innovative and creative marketing campaigns. Tritonic™ is a rapidly growing business that cannot afford to spend talented resources on the critical, labor-intensive task of editing. Luigi Tartara, principal owner, commented, “Editing only draws comments when it is not executed. When editing is properly done, no one notices that we have done anything at all. Since using Papercheck, our clients have not mentioned a single grammatical error, and that is the way we like it.”

Mr. Tartara sought a means to keep creative productivity high without sacrificing quality or hampering cash flow. Tritonic™ selected Papercheck’s high-quality proofreading services to ensure that its creative work is grammatically correct and succinct. Although creativity is extremely important, poorly written work and grammatical errors cannot be tolerated. Papercheck has eliminated the need to hire a full-time editor while giving Tritonic™ 24/7 editing resources to meet all of its deadlines. Papercheck provides on-demand proofreading services, equivalent to maintaining a staff of three full-time editors.

You can read more about Tritonic™ and how the company reduced its editing costs while increasing creative productivity in the Tritonic™ Case Study.

Papercheck is a San Francisco-based company that offers document editing and proofreading services to businesses large and small over the Internet. The firm’s global network of editing and proofreading professionals delivers top-quality services at reasonable prices and with fast turnaround times.

Source: Papercheck, LLC

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