ExemptAnalyst Relies on Papercheck to Help Produce High-Quality Investment Due Diligence Reports

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (MARKET WIRE) — October 25, 2011 — ExemptAnalyst, one of the fastest-growing companies in the province of Alberta, Canada, has been helping exempt market dealers conduct more thorough due diligence on the alternative investments they distribute. “Our goal is to foster more transparency in the growing exempt market dealer category at a time when numerous Ponzi schemes and other types of frauds have been uncovered in the industry,” says William McNarland, founder and managing director of ExemptAnalyst. “Loss of investor capital is a direct result of improper or ineffective due diligence.” The results of this due diligence are in-depth research reports between 20 and 40 pages in length. To ensure these reports are well written, grammatically correct, and error-free, ExemptAnalyst needed a proofreading partner. ExemptAnalyst selected Papercheck to deliver professional copy editing and editing services in May of 2010.

Our reports vary in length and scope depending on the complexity of the investment structure and opportunity,” said McNarland. “The average report costs about $10K. At this price, our clients expect a well-written and flawless piece.” McNarland, a renowned global finance and investment analyst, is credited with creating the concept of exempt market research. He originally tried to hire local copy editors, but found that no one could compete with Papercheck in quality or cost.

The research reports provide a corporate overview, examine the quantitative and qualitative risks of the investment, discuss the results of stress tests, review the landscape of the industry, and analyze the legal and tax structure of the investment. Each report also provides a formal opinion on the investment that can be kept on file to substantiate due diligence for governing bodies.

ExemptAnalyst has a hefty flow of documents going to Papercheck. This includes at least one 20-page document weekly, the company newsletter, and a variety of marketing materials. Anything that goes out to clients or the public goes to Papercheck first.

“One of the things I really like about the service,” says McNarland, “is that if you have a question, someone answers the phone and gets you an answer! Really. Someone answers the phone.”

About ExemptAnalyst:
ExemptAnalyst provides independent, third-party research on alternative investments. With the goal of helping to foster a culture of transparency within the exempt market, ExemptAnalyst’s experienced roster of Chartered Financial Analysts perform rigorous quantitative and qualitative research on specific investment offerings in a variety of asset classes. ExemptAnalyst’s research and analysis has gained momentum in 12 countries across many diverse investment sectors, including mortgage-backed securities, pre-IPO financings, real estate and resort development, private equity, hedge funds, REITs, and teak, as well as hydro, biofuels, and traditional energy.

Learn how Papercheck’s editing services provide ExemptAnalyst with well-written,
, and error-free reports at ExemptAnalyst Relies on Papercheck.

About Papercheck:
Papercheck® is a San Francisco-based company that offers document editing and proofreading services to businesses large and small over the Internet (www.papercheck.com). The firm’s global network of editing and proofreading professionals delivers top-quality services at reasonable prices and with fast turnaround times.

Source: Papercheck, LLC

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