June 13, 2015

Copy Editing

Written copy is only as good as its ability to clearly communicate its message. This is true of newspaper and magazine articles, academic papers, business reports, advertising content, and all other forms of writing. Written material that is inaccurate, vague, illogical, or marred by errors in grammar, punctuation, and English usage is not going to be effective, and it will not reach its intended audience.

Before submitting any sort of written material, an important question to ask is Does this written content clearly and effectively convey its meaning? If it does not, then it should be professionally edited.

72-hour turnaround time
48-hour turnaround time
24-hour turnaround time
10-hour turnaround time

6-hour turnaround time
33-page maximum
3-hour turnaround time
10-page maximum

Professional copy editing involves proofreading and editing documents on two levels, the mechanical and the holistic. Mechanical copy editing involves a careful reading of the document. Then the editor eliminates all errors in spelling, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and English usage. Holistic copy editing is the process during which the editor attempts to improve the logic and flow of the document by inserting transition sentences and by augmenting the text so that it more clearly communicates its message.

Utilizing professional copy editing and proofreading services is one way of making sure that written copy effectively conveys its message. After all, the point of written material is to communicate a message to its intended audience.