Strauss Brands Depends on Papercheck to Protect Brand Image with Grammatically Correct Marketing Material

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (MARKET WIRE) — December 8, 2009 — In the fall of 2008, Strauss Brands was set to launch a new brand, Strauss Free Raised®. Strauss Brands faced the daunting task of communicating its “old world” strategy of raising calves and lambs on pasture, eating grass, and nursing. Strauss Brands’ solution was to outsource its proofreading needs to Papercheck. Papercheck’s high-quality editing services have dramatically reduced editorial expenses and delivered error-free brochures, press releases, articles, direct mail pieces, packing labels, and other marketing materials.

Lori Dunn, executive director of Pasture Raised Programs, was placed in charge of marketing Strauss Free Raised®. Ms. Dunn realized the new brand positioning would require an entirely new and sophisticated marketing strategy. Ms. Dunn is an expert in marketing to wholesalers, retailers, and consumers, but she wears several hats. Ms. Dunn acknowledged this dilemma: “I could be talking to a livestock broker one day and then serving as the public relations director the next day.” She realized the implications of launching Strauss’ new brand: “Writing speaks volumes about you as a company. How you present what you write says even more.”

Strauss Brands reviewed several editing services, but selected Papercheck based on its phenomenal customer service and error-free proofreading services. Ms. Dunn commented, “I wouldn’t be able to do it all myself—even if I was a proficient editor and proofreader.”

It has been more than a year since Strauss Brands submitted its first press release to Papercheck. Today, nearly every piece of corporate communication is sent to Papercheck for editing—up to and including product packaging. “Papercheck is helping us to live up to our reputation,” says Ms. Dunn. “Our products are of the highest quality, so our written materials must be as well.”

For more information on Strauss Brands and its Strauss Free Raised® veal and lamb products, please visit Additionally, learn how Papercheck’s editing services provide Strauss Brands with clear, error-free, and grammatically correct marketing material at Strauss Brands Case Study.

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Source: Papercheck, LLC

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