City of McAllen, Texas, Selects Papercheck as its Proofreading Provider

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (MARKET WIRE) — December 17, 2012 — The City of McAllen, Texas, a 100-year-old city with a thriving population of 171,000, has selected Papercheck, LLC as its proofreading and editing provider. Cathy B. Jones, city auditor for McAllen uses Papercheck editing services to edit audit reports sent to the City Audit Committee and maximizes taxpayer dollars by outsourcing editing services to San Francisco-based Papercheck, LLC.

“Auditors often have to spend a lot of time writing and editing so that the end product is a well-written and high-quality document. Now, my time is used more effectively because I can produce an initial draft of a report, send it to Papercheck for editing, and get back a report that communicates clearly, succinctly, and flawlessly,” explained Jones.

Prior to purchasing Papercheck’s editorial services, Jones used to spend many hours writing and rewriting the reports before presenting them, first to the various department heads and then to the Audit Committee. Audits cover all city departments—airport, international toll bridges, public utilities, and other internal organizations like finance, IT, and purchasing.

“Papercheck’s editors catch all those things, little and big, that many times I may not even realize need to be caught,” said Jones. She says she appreciates the kind, but numerous, edits on the documents. “All the corrections and comments come from a real concern for ensuring my reports are always the best they can be.”

Every month, Jones sends at least one or two lengthy audit or special assignment reports as well as shorter update reports to Papercheck for editing. Jones says, “Papercheck gives me confidence that what I circulate is good—really good.” Now that she has been using Papercheck to help produce her reports, Jones promises that she will “never go back.”

About McAllen:
McAllen is an all-American city on the border of south Texas and Mexico. Located in the heart of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, where agriculture, healthcare, and service industries predominate, McAllen now commands attention as the geographical, financial, social, and cultural center of the region. In 2012, the McAllen MSA was ranked #1 in the nation for long-term job growth, was named fastest-growing metro area in the nation, and was ranked as the best housing market in the nation. To learn more about how Papercheck’s editing services provide the City of McAllen with high-quality editing, fast turnaround times, and round-the-clock service, see the case study on the City of McAllen.

About Papercheck:
Papercheck® is a San Francisco-based company that offers document editing and proofreading services to businesses large and small over the Internet ( The firm’s global network of editing and proofreading professionals delivers top-quality services at reasonable prices and with fast turnaround times.

Source: Papercheck, LLC

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