Business is Booming for Papercheck and EditorLive — Hiring Frenzy Ensues

SAN FRANCISCO — (PRNewswire) — August 5, 2008 — EditorLive, the editor portal for Papercheck, is vigorously looking for ways to attract new editors. EditorLive launched a Facebook application to quickly evaluate the skills of potential proofreaders. The Facebook application is a shorter version of the editing assessment launched late last year on Today, Facebook officially added the application to its extensive application directory.

Business at Papercheck has increased significantly this past year as domestic companies look to outsource their editing and proofreading jobs. However, most American companies do not want to send their documents overseas. This has created a niche that has been filled by Papercheck. In addition, the weakened dollar has expanded Papercheck’s global presence, as several foreign companies have sought and found professional editing services in the United States. “The weakened dollar has significantly increased the number of foreign clients who want high-quality editing from American-educated editors,” said Darren Shafae, vice president and founder of Papercheck. Mr. Shafae also commented, “(Our) clients, both domestic and foreign, expect nothing short of perfection, and we can offer these services at competitive rates.”

The downturn in the economy and the rising cost of gasoline have increased the popularity of telecommuting. Proofreaders enjoy the ability to work from homej and they have the flexibility to travel as often as they please. Several potential editors have inquired about the application process and decided that they wanted to sample the editing exam. The new Facebook application allows any of the 94 million registered Facebook users to add the application to his or her profile and take the eleven-question test. “The test is a simplified version of the extensive EditorLive assessment,” commented Daniel Buscaglia, Web developer of the Facebook application. “Do not be fooled by its brevity; the test is extremely difficult, and few participants pass the Facebook application,” stated Mr. Buscaglia.

The application can be added to an existing Facebook account by going to High-scoring participants of the Facebook application are encouraged to take the official EditorLive test at

Papercheck, LLC has provided proofreading services since 2001. Its professional proofreaders correct format, document flow, and grammatical errors, including punctuation, verb tense, spelling, and sentence structure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Source: Papercheck, LLC

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