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Install the odf-converter-integrator for Windows XP

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Step 1:
Verify whether your Windows XP system has the .Net2 framework installed. The simplest way to verify whether the framework is installed is to Go to Run.

Step 2:
Once the CMD terminal is open, type Microsoft.Net.

Step 3:
Double click on the folder labeled Framework.

Step 4:
Verify that your computer has version 2.0 or newer installed. Step 5:
Download the odf-converter-integrator-0.2.1-installer.exe. Step 6:
Save the odf-converter-integrator-0.2.1-installer.exe to your desktop.

Step 7:
Double click the odf-converter-integrator-0.2.1-installer.exe located on the desktop.

Step 8:
Initiate the Wizard by clicking Run.

Step 9:
Accept the terms of agreement.

Step 10:
Select a location on which to install the ODF-Converter-Integrator.

Step 11:
Installation of the ODF-Converter-Integrator is now complete.

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