September 1, 2015

Writer’s Corner and Ezine Submission

April 1, 2005

Abstract Thoughts of Reality
by Heather Snider—a short poem
I see images of a man treading thin water, through corridors of confusion, with portraits of a girl, choking on reality.

March 1, 2005

Things We Now Can’t Live Without
by Judith Grant—a short story
My thirteen-year-old nephew exclaimed in disbelief when I told him that I grew up without a television.

February 1, 2005

Close Call
by Jeff Solimando—a short story
The buzz continues to ring through his brain; not completely voiding out reality, yet somehow strangely enough, beginning to accommodate it.

January 1, 2005

Cinnamon, Sticks, and Honey
by Gillian Barbeler—a short story
Emma’s mother folded the last piece of washing from the line and put it into her basket. She looked up at the darkening sky. “Emma love, it’s going to storm shortly, will you gather your toys up now and bring them in please?”

November 1, 2004

Life or Something Like It
by Rebecca Chatterpaul—an essay
I couldn’t believe. NO, I didn’t want to believe she’d allowed herself to be taken in by my father’s silver tongue and winning smile once again.

The Hell of War: Part One
by Evelyn O. Simon—a short story
James A. Bryce, a thirty year old U.S. Army lieutenant in the third infantry, was on duty in Iraq; he was a loving father of two, and a devoted husband.

October 1, 2004

Something to Laugh About
by Mitko Grigorov—an essay
It was the fourth of July, 1998. The date was not significant to me until that particular day. That it was the same date as the American Independence Day is nothing more than mere coincidence.

In the Flash of a Moment
by Teresa Kron—a short story
At first I couldn’t believe what was happening, that my head had gone completely under and I was gulping chlorinated water that was flooding my nostrils and burning my throat.

September 1, 2004

Why Did You Have to Go? (We Miss You So)
by Mike Williams—a short poem
There were times we laughed, But hardly cried, Though it still hurt, To say goodbye…

August 1, 2004

A Man Named Alex, Who is No Longer a Stranger!
by Kristen Hintz—a short story
“You need to figure out who you are,” the long-limbed psychiatrist had told him only one day prior. “This sleepwalking,” she had said, “stems from something deep within you. When, exactly, did it start?”

July 1, 2004

Hell’s Angel and Heaven’s Demon
by Emily Cooper—a short story
True humans first became aware of thee 60,000 years ago. A war was to start between the two realms of death. Every thousand years a war rages between Heaven and Hell.

June 1, 2004

Lyla’s Ladybug
by Darla Paskell—a short poem
Hats hold back the breeze; fingers tingle and freeze while we search for a ladybug home.

April 1, 2004

Flight 93
by Michael Burch—a short poem
like vultures shrieking earthward, in a stall … we floated… earthward … wings outstretched, aghast… like Icarus… as through the void we fell…

January 1, 2004

by Patricia Gosálvez—a short poem
Be gloomy not, for time shall pass, and lay in merry wonder as dreams doth last.