September 2, 2015

2006: Catherine Harrell

Catherine Harrell is the Fall 2006 Scholarship Winner

Catherine Harrell is currently attending Stanford University. She is a sophomore studying Human Biology. She plans to attend graduate school after finishing her undergraduate studies and will follow in her parents’ footsteps as a researcher in the biomedical field. Both of her parents are doctors in the field of rheumatology. Catherine’s other scholastic interest is in the field of computer science; she was inspired when she met Larry Page, the founder of Google, Inc., during her freshman orientation.

Outside of school, Catherine is extremely passionate about her artwork and drawings. She had her own comic strip in the Herald-Sun during high school. She likes to illustrate comic strips for children and is currently working for the Stanford Chaparral. Catherine’s comic strip and illustration skills can be seen on her website at

Papercheck would like to thank all applicants for submitting their essays for our second semi-annual scholarship award. We received over 300 applications. All applicants should be proud of their academic accomplishments and achievements; thank you for sharing your goals and dreams. Please come back and visit in the future.

Fall 2006 Scholarship Winner
Catherine Harrell, winner of the Charles Shafaé Scholarship
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