August 23, 2018

2013 Microsoft Word Simple Markup

If you cannot see tracked changes when you open your edited document, then you may need to disable Simple Markup. Take the following steps to display the tracked changes.

Step 1:
Open your document in Microsoft Word 2013 and click on the Review tab.

All Markup

Step 2:
Notice that the display is set to Simple Markup, which is the default document view in Microsoft Word 2013.

Review Tab

Step 3:
Click the drop-down arrow and scroll down to select All Markup. Tracked changes should now appear.

Simple Markup

Step 4:
If changes are shown inline, then you can make the document easier to read by showing them in balloons. Select the Show Markup drop-down, then Balloons, then Show Revisions in Balloons.

Show Markup

Step 5:
Your document should now show all tracked changes, and comments will be shown on the right-hand side of the screen.

Show Track Changes