June 19, 2015

Resume and Cover Letter Editing

Writing an Effective Cover Letter

Papercheck ensures concise, effective editing of all types of academic and business documents, including cover letters and resumes. Create a resume using a tool like ResumeBlaze; it is important that a customized resume for a specific employer stand out from other applicants’. Submitting a well-written, carefully organized, and thorough cover letter is an essential part of the application process. Before a prospective employer reads your resume, he or she will want to examine your cover letter. Whether the employer or human relations officer even bothers to read your resume may very well depend on the quality of your cover letter, so it must be properly written.

Papercheck editors will:
  1. Review and revise your cover letter on a micro level to make sure that it conforms to the rules of standard English usage.
  2. Insert and delete text so that your cover letter concisely and efficiently displays your intent and your strengths.
  3. Review and revise your cover letter on a macro level to ensure that it flows smoothly and communicates your intent.
  4. Review and revise your cover letter to make sure that it conforms to the appropriate formatting rules.
  5. Insert useful comments and suggestions where they are needed.

72-hour turnaround time
48-hour turnaround time
24-hour turnaround time
10-hour turnaround time

6-hour turnaround time
33-page maximum
3-hour turnaround time
10-page maximum


An effective cover letter should be short and to the point. The first sentence should explain your interest in the job offering; it may also explain how you learned about the job. That should be followed by a presentation of your qualifications. You should not list each and every job that you have ever held, but it is a good idea to note any and all work experiences that relate to your ability to perform the job in question. It is also helpful to explain your role in two or three specific projects or strategies, especially those that demonstrate your job-related skills.

You should conclude your cover letter with a reiteration of your interest in the position being offered and a sentence that reaffirms your qualifications. Many people conclude their cover letters by writing, “I look forward to hearing from you. I am available for an interview at your earliest convenience.”