June 20, 2015

Non-Standard File Format Editing

Track Changes features help editors and authors alike simplify the proofreading process. Microsoft Word submissions such as .doc and .docx and Libre Office .odt submissions are all edited using their respective program’s Track Changes features. WordPad (.rtf) files can be converted to use the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word. Regrettably, other non-standard file formats that we accept (.pdf, .ppt, .xls, and .xlsx) do not contain features for tracking changes. In their place, these file formats require painstaking proofreading using extensive markup tools to insert text, delete text, and replace text, accompanied by sticky notes. PowerPoint submissions are edited by carefully turning the edited text (any insertions, changes, and words on either side of a deletion) red and leaving supplementary comments. In addition, Excel files are systematically corrected by inserting a comment over an error and typing “Change X to Y,” when X is the mistake and Y is the amendment. All non-standard file format submissions incur a 15.00% premium surcharge on account of the extra time and effort required of the editor.

To take advantage of Papercheck’s non-standard file format text editing services, select the Other Formats (15.00% premium surcharge) option when submitting your document. On the second page of the submission form, the price total will be calculated for you before you finalize the submission.

Service Level
Non-Standard File Formats Surcharge 15.00%