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Can I track how much time is remaining until my document has been edited?
Why is my estimate different from the amount I was charged?
How do I submit a document?
How do I get rid of the highlighting?
Explain the payment process. I am a little confused by the registration form.
Can I pay with a check or debit card?
What are your hours of operation?
What is live support?
Am I eligible for the Charles Shafae scholarship if I am in high school or if I am beginning my freshman year of college this fall?
Where can I find information on scholarships provided by Papercheck?
Does Papercheck write papers or plagiarize written work submitted to your editors? We do not want our work recycled to other clients.
I have a suggestion or question that is not answered in the FAQ. How do I get in contact with Papercheck?
Am I eligible for your scholarship if I am attending a Junior or Community College?
Is my document available for anyone else to use?
What is grammar editing?
How quickly can I have my document edited?
I need to have my dissertation proofread. It is biblical and theological writing. Your advertisement doesn’t tell me where I should go to get started.
How will I know that my document has been edited?
Why can't I pick up my document?
Who uses your services?

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